i need to get fucked by something other than my life

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I’ll just cover my body in tattoos.
Then I might actually like it.

Once you get this you must say 5 things (publicly) about yourself that you like and then pass it on to your top ten favorite blogs. Non-negotiable.

Haha rad.
I like who I am; my thoughts and beliefs.
I like my creativeness,
My knack for the odd and weird,
I like that I’m adventurous,
And most importantly my taste in music


Shut up mom, this isn’t a phase. this is the REAL me


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Your body got closer to the point where we were one,
The thought struck me softly that I wanted to go where you’d gone.
Your mouth was open; I was scared to know what was inside,
I wouldn’t admit it, but the dead eyes made me cry.

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hannah takes the stairs and i usually take the elevator

every now and then she offers me a lemon now-and-later

please don’t play the matchmaker, please don’t be a player hater

if you dig her recent work then you should go congratulate her